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Luxurious Cave room with bed and jacuzzi

cave ensuite& premium

ensuite jacuzi cave  inr 6000/-and

premium jacuzzi cave 5500/-.

welcome to cavesbyindrajeet

Spacious cave room with king size bed

king cave

our most popular category of caves, comes with a unique shower area and en-suite restroom, club one of out the offerings with it to make a customised package with jacuzzi 4500/- and without jacuzzi 3500/-

Cave room with bed

little cave

our cosiest of all cave, perfect for transiter and backpackers, fits your budget, matches your style 2300/-

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Bank Transfer
ac no 039605004343
ac name - la dylunio empresa opc pvt ltd
ifsc - ICIC0000396


 BHIM - thebnbcompany@upi 

PAYTM - thebnbcompany@paytm

mobikwik - thebnbcompany@ikwik

#phonepe - thebnbcomapny@ybl

paytm on  +91 86 86 86 86 82

mobikwik  +91 86 86 86 86 82

phone pe   +91 86 86 86 86 82

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